Oy All-Plast Ab serves its customers extensively with industry, trade, equipment-, machinery- and vehicle builders, well-being product manufacturers and healthcare customers. 

We are passionate about finding new and responsible solutions for future products and understand our customer’s needs. Your order is taken care from product’s technical design to the finished product shipped to you.

  • Design & product development
  • Mold design & procurement
  • Injection molding
  • 2-coloured injection molding (marbling)
  • Multicomponent injection molding
  • Injection molding machines 40 – 600 tn
  • Natural fiber composites
  • Net extrusion
  • Ultrasound welding & assembly
  • Surface finishing


Injection molding

We have all conventional- and engineering plastics and natural fiber composites also as biobased or biodegradable versions.

Multi -component injection molding

Multi component injection molding is defined as a special injection molding technique in which the product is made from a variety of materials. 

Gas-assisted injection molding

Gas-assisted injection molding has been developed to save raw material, reduce the pressure cycles and to improve the surface quality of the thick-walled products. Gas-assisted injection molding is a flexible method and the pieces can be shaped more freely than basic injection molding techniques. 

Multi -colour injection molding 

In multi -coloured injection molding can be used variety of different colours to achieve marble kind of appearance. 

Natural fiber composites

Natural fiber composite combines the best qualities of natural fibers and plastic. The advantages of this material are environmental friendliness and sustainability, easy formability, cost-effective manufacturing, high tensile strength of fibers, and other mechanical qualities. 

For example, natural fiber composite can produce consumable and long-lasting components for interior decoration, or up to 100 % biodegradable products in home compost. 

Halogen-free and flame retardant natural fiber composite is also available for the interior components of public spaces or vehicles. 

Surface finishing

After injection molding, the pieces can be finalized by pad printing for example customers logo or by wet painting with the chosen colour. 


Injection molded pieces are assembled into larger units and finished products can be packed to be ready for stores. We give you the whole manufacturing process with turnkey thinking.


Product development begins with the customer, where the product’s technical properties are evaluated and the product is designed by its environmental and mechanical requirements. After this, a 3D model of the product is made. We can use printed 3D models to help customer to examine the product in concrete terms. If necessary, modifications to the model will be made to ensure the product’s functionality and to ensure manufacturing. Mould will be designed on that basis. 

When all parties are satisfied with the plan, it is time to order the mold, which is the most expensive part of the process. That is why thorough initial design collaboration and satisfaction with the result are particularly important. The mould carries out a test run and inspection and after this, minor changes can be made. After the desired result, the production run can begin. Your order will be delivered by the agreed time. 

Oy All-Plast Ab

We have a mission. As a plastic company we want to decrease the unnecessary use of fossil oil based plastics and to be pioneer on finding the most sustainable ways for producing plastic products.
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